Project Kick-off meeting


Rome, 21-22 January 2020
IPRS – Passeggiata di Ripetta, 11 – 00186 Rome
Ph. +39-0632 6524 01


The Safe Zone kick-off meeting was held in Rome on January 21-22, 2020 with the participation of all project partners (IPRS, CJD, UCP, Alma Mater, CSI, MMA, and IPDJ).

During this meeting, all partners shared their particular interest and perspective on youth radicalization as well as the need for a broader consideration of the topic.
In fact, all partners highlighted the need to also consider the growth in far right-wing youth extremism.
Given the complexity of the topic, the partners identified the need to create a position paper aimed at placing the phenomenon of youth radicalization within a theoretical framework.
IPRS presented the e-learning platform developed within the MATES project in order to identify some methodological tools aimed at preventing youth radicalization within sports.
These materials are very useful for Safe Zone’s objectives, as MATES developed training material for multi-agency, multi-professional cooperation amongst professionals working with radicalized youth sentenced to probation/alternatives to incarceration.
The training material covers exit strategies, disengagement programmes, multiactor cooperation, and counternarratives (for more information about MATES, please visit our website:

The aim of Safe Zone is to develop a training methodology based on MATES e-learning platform, but several adjustments are needed, since jihadist extremism is not the only phenomenon to be addressed within the Safe Zone project.

The next Steering Group Meeting will be in Porto, Portugal on July 6-8, 2020.